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Russian Association of Electronic Communications reports success in fighting against cybercrimes!
31 Октября 2010 02:28
An unprecedented result has been achieved in the field of fighting against cyber evil in Russia: they have 1 criminal case opened. But what a case that one is!
"Press conference of November 2: The world's biggest spammer exposed. Fighting against cybercrimes in Russia":
Frankly speaking, the definitions provided by the investigation and the RAEC are a little bit different, but who will sort it out and define that "illegal enterprise" and "the world's biggest spamming network" represent quite different things?
Dear Mr. Dmitry Zakharov (RAEC's PR Director), would you be so kind not to lump everything together? If you want to arrange a press conference on the criminal case initiated against me, then would you please be accurate in defining the charges brought? Would you please decide who I am in the end: an illegal entrepreneur or the biggest spammer? Or there comes some kind of absurd: as if an old watchman had fallen asleep during his night watch but got accused for beating his old wife on her forehead with a spoon.
The press release came out as a good representation of the best traditions of the RAEC. They mixed everything they could there, even the visit of Arnold the Terminator. They didn't forget about the President either. Here's a quotation from Ms. Popkin's speech on MSNBC: "In June, Dmitry Medvedev visited California where he met the founders of the Silicon Valley. The SpamIt.com website mysteriously closed two weeks before October 10 when the delegation headed by the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, came from the Silicon Valley to Moscow with a return visit."
Dear Mr. Zakharov, I understand that Mr. Vrublesky gave you the task to cram all that with as much politics as possible and to introduce my case as nearly the one of the highest priority for the country, but it's all coming out a little bit clumsy. You'd better select foreign partners more thoroughly, as Ms. Popkin expresses herself in a way quite different from the Russian one, which causes the meaning to be hidden from proper understanding.
Using the political component, I would like to say:
"Dear Mr. President! Take me to Skolkovo. It will do good to me and will bring you evident profits as well:
- I do not steel or take kickbacks;
- I do not cut up the budgets;
- I do know a lot about information technologies;
- my eyebrows are all normal.
With me, Skolkovo will not just be there, it will bring money too!"
I'm serious, no kidding.
Thanks for your attention. Let's go ahead.
"The RAEC Anti-Cybercrime Commission has been conducting the anti-spam campaign for over a year already, and now we are happy to show the first but significant results of our work. Thanks to the efforts made by our own experts and law enforcement bodies, the spam level throughout the world reduced nearly by half," stated Sergei Grebennikov, RAEC's CEO Deputy.
Interesting experts you have, dear Sergei. But some other experts who are not so interesting and who don't work for the RAEC estimate spam reduction with the value of 20% and think the reason for that is deactivation of several very big botnets. The 3 laptops confiscated from me can hardly be called a botnet. I could advise the blog of the Federal Insecurity Service (http://malaya-zemlya.livejournal.com/). First, the author really knows what he writes about, and second, he is one of the few to write interesting things, indeed.
Another quotation:
"About a year ago, the RAEC brisked up their work aimed at improving the Russian investment climate abroad and introduced a real program for fighting against spam. The program provided for a whole number of actions. One of them was a series of pointed strikes against partner programs. Among them, the GlavMed network was mentioned as the one having the maximum market share and, to a large extent, provoking the negative attitude towards Russia as a spam source."
Dear RAEC executives, please kindly forgive me, but the investment climate in Russia doesn't depend on the fact that some spammers live here. What it really depends on is the fact that there are those who like to steel a little. Just a little bit, indeed. Billions! You could tell Sergei Magnitsky that he died because of spam, or that the Hermitage Foundation lost billions because of electronic mailings!
Mr. Zakharov, could you tell us how many "pointed strikes against partner programs" you have made in the recent year? The specialists who are not so interesting as those working for the RAEC mention that, unlike GlavMed with their Viagra, the major part of the turnover of the partner program presented by RX-Promotion.com consisted of the so-called "controlled" pharmaceuticals. Or the 'controllables', to put it in a more common way. The most common term would be 'drugs'. Such names like Vicodin, Codeine, Oxycodone, Tramadol and some others – do they ring any bells?
"Due to the presence of well pronounced drug intoxication and further addiction, along with other attendant problems which can be revealed after even a slight overdosing, in some countries, such as Ukraine and Belarus, this pharmaceutical is officially recognized as a drug."
Do you know who buys the controllables in the Internet? And, above all, why do they do that? I think you know. But you may not know who supervises that partner program. So, I'm going to tell you that. As you understand, in case all the charges brought against me are true, I'm one of those who are supposed to know. Actually, a lot of people do. All that information is quite open. So, there are two owners:
- Pavel Vrublevsky, a.k.a. RedEye, and a.k.a. the man who paid you money for the SPAM/Pharma operation;
- Yuri Kabaenkov, a.k.a. Hellman, once a friend of mine, and a chronic drunkard today who obviously is not so happy about what Vrublevsky has got him involved in with all that warfare.
How about the bells ringing in the head now? GlavMed/RX-Promo, Gusev/Vrublevksy? OK, we'll leave until later.
And in conclusion:
"The RAEC Anti-Cybercrime Commission is inviting interested journalists to the dedicated press conference which will be attended by branch-wise experts and representatives of investigating authorities and specialized security, defense and law enforcement agencies."
Dear interested journalists, will you please ask them some uncomfortable questions from my side there?
1. Why did the RAEC decide to undertake the anti-cybercrime tasks?
2. Why aren't those tasks declared in the RAEC's Charter?
3. Who has been financing the dedicated activities of the RAEC in the recent year?
4. Was there an agreement between Mark Tverdynin and Pavel Vrublevksy, regarding the SPAM/Pharma operation?
5. Why is the criminal case initiated for Clause 2 of Article 171 and not for Article 273 (Development and distribution of harmful computer software)? Specialists are unanimously sure that spamming is impossible without botnets.
6. When can we expect the criminal case to be initiated against the owner of the main competitor for GlavMed, the RX-Promotion.com partner program?