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Details on what this blog is for
24 Ноября 2010 03:28
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As the blog is becoming more and more popular, there appear a growing number of suppositions about why and, the main point, for what purpose I am doing this. In order not to stir up any false rumors, I decided to write about it in a more detailed way.
The main objective of this blog is to provide information about what is really going on in the Chronopay Company and what methods Vrublevsky is using to earn his living. With a lapse of time, readers will see for themselves that Pavel is not a fighter for internet purity, not a "forest cleaner" eradicating spam and viruses but a clever and deceitful cybercriminal – and one of the biggest cybercriminals ever!
The CHRONOPAY Company run by Vrublevsky is the world's BIGGEST processor for various kinds of malware (harmful software installed without user consent), and mostly it's rogue antivirus software – applications extorting money for, as they say, "cleaning" your computers from themselves. Software of this kind is no longer considered to be innocent prank and even the Russian Criminal Code provides as many as several clauses for that, starting from racketing or blackmailing and fraud and up to illegitimate access to users' computers. In the United States, this represents one of the most serious cybercrimes, and fighting against it is of the highest priority along with catching carders (those who steel from credit cards) and cyberthieves robbing other people's bank accounts.
This blog readers can be divided into several groups:
- Chronopay clients. For them this blog should serve a warning about the fact that it's worth thinking of how they could save their money. The Chronopay Company has already got one foot in the financial grave. Unskilled and undue consumption of the clients' money resulted in the inability to be liable for all the obligations undertaken. It can already be seen by now, though not so clearly yet, as there are still some possibilities to cover those obligations with other clients' money. But as the clients leave, one after another, the abyss between the debit and credit is going to widen. The clients who will find themselves at the end of the queue will have absolutely no chance of getting their money back. And the clients will certainly start leaving, as the "white" Russian companies don't want any extra risks for their reputations, when their names are used as the false front for those "black" things that Chronopay is doing.
- Bankers and bank employees Chronopay collaborates with. One should understand that there are just some few specialists who closely deal with internet acquiring (accepting payments from cards online). And there are even fewer banks rendering that kind of service. Already today, some of them are reading this blog and, holding their breaths, waiting for whether their banks are going to be mentioned or not. For over a year, Vrublevksy had been producing this pressure onto the banks that I used to have any business relations with. He'd been doing that in reticent and extremely lowdown ways, setting up both me and the banks to penalties and unnecessary attention paid by VISA and MasterCard. But I'm going to do that openly and with the imminence of an asphalt spreader closing in. Dear bankers, you have to clearly understand it and make a strategic decision: if you are still ready to keep on processing Chronopay "topics", then you should also get ready for the fact that it's all going to be made public and will certainly reach the IPS. Undermining the revenues coming from high risk processing is one of my priority tasks and that will be exactly what I'll concentrate my efforts on.
- Journalists and cybersecurity experts. As you understand, this is just another blog, and there are thousands of them in the Internet. A real ballyhoo and public response can only be produced be means of mass media and TV. And I'm writing this blog exactly for the journalists, to give them a subject to write about. At this point, I'm actively "collecting" material right in the blog. And one day, there's going to be so much of it that it'll be enough for a dozen of various journalistic investigations. I'll even open you a small secret: I'm already establishing relations with several considerable mass media. It's quite simple. "Hello! According to the mass media interpretation, I'm the spammer No. 1 and I've got tons of information on cybercrimes. Are you interested?" You know, lots of them are getting interested, as the subject is not just something made up out of whole cloth, and it's really corroborated with a sizeable scope of materials. As far as I can remember, there have been no exposures of these kind and scale before. With no exaggeration, it's certainly going to be a really "hot" material.
- Chronopay employees. Ladies and gentlemen, I don't have anything personal against you – I'm even ready to present my apologies to those of you who will be found implicated in it. But a word dropped from a song makes it all wrong. So if you are involved in the shady deals of Chronopay and Vrublevsky, I can't drop or change your names. This is your own choice and you must be perfectly aware of what you do. Now it's high time to think about your own future. For many of you, especially the top managers, it's all going to end in the same way like for the clients of your company – when it gets really hot, you'll be buncoed. People don't change; look at the Fethard situation. Pavel will be promising you the moon just to keep you staying and working; he'll be telling you how easily he will solve all the problems and that "all our enemies will die", and other things like that. In the reality, after 6 or, at the very most, 9 months Chronopay will have no high risks at all. There will be no banks that would undertake this kind of processing, as they will realize what a great risk they may take due to all that hullabaloo. You are aware of the state of things at Chronopay no worse than I am. So just try to figure out how long you'll be able to last with "white" clients only.
- Webmasters. Guys, for you it's just a fascinating reading. I've got some ideas how to try to get back Fethard's debts but I don't count on your help. The 3FN case when 99% were just afraid to fight for their hardware servers a perfect proof of the fact that you'll prefer to be robbed once again. I can't denounce those inactions of yours – probably, it's really scary to show up on the surface. By the way, those of you who keep their own blogs may put links to these pages if you want to. I'd appreciate that.
- All the rest of the readers. For the most part, you came here by chance. You will hardly find something interesting here, as the issues are too specific and complicated for understanding. In general, you may consider this blog as a kind of a visual handbook on "the Russian style" in e-commerce.
Now I've re-read what I had written above and realized that it looks as some sort of a manifesto. O'K… The cards are on the table; the manifesto has been published. Let's move ahead.