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A cool morning greets us. A reply from RedEye, or “Who is Mr. Engel?”
31 Октября 2010 13:54
Раздел: Блог   |  Русская версия
Ran across a blanket post at crutop.nu by one “engel”.
I highly suspect that said post was written under the watchful eye of Pavel Olegovich. First of all, there are too many strange little details the likes of which are used too precisely for someone who could’ve only learned about him from hearsay over a year’s time (and that’s exactly how long I’ve known about his existence myself). Secondly, everything’s thrown into a single pile with a singular purpose: to add as much negativity as possible.
Pasha, did you really think I wouldn’t expect such a cheap comeback? It’s as obvious as daylight. I get that you want to provoke me, but your birthday isn’t for two months, so you won’t get getting such a gift from me so soon.
A few moments of interest:
1. Engel seriously has heroin problems? Had no idea. Noted.
2. You claim that I greenmailed you with your share. Let me remind you how things really happened. I told you many times over the course of several months that I didn’t want to have anything to do with you anymore. And what did you do? Ignored me, made more empty promises, came in to work in the office less often when you knew I’d be there – the usual. I hope you haven’t forgotten that I offered you two options before we parted ways: selling my share to you or anyone you wanted to share the business with from that point forward, or selling my share freely. Clearly, I’d have had no trouble splitting my share up to five ways and finding interested parties amongst my acquaintances. And I would’ve made at least one and a half to two times the amount I asked from you without any credit agreements or anything of the sort, leaving you to deal with new partners, who I might add might not have been as loyal as I was. In the end, you ended up with a new partner who doesn’t interfere with the company’s dealings, hasn’t spent a cent of its funds and magnified his share up to 75%. So where exactly is the greenmail and what’s my profit from it all?
3. Blackmail – Payment of money exacted by means of intimidation; also, extortion of money from a person by threats of public accusation, exposure, or censure.
Have you seen any threats on this blog? Read the “About” section one more time. If you still don’t get it, let me explain it one more time. You may not agree, but you and I have a lot in common: our mind frames, world views, even our accomplishments. Neither of us can be considered the most morally pure people. Hell, that’s the very reason behind our conflicts. Think back to our last conversation a year ago when I was trying to convince you not to waste time on such crap, that there wouldn’t be a winner in this bout. And so we both lost. Do you expect this to just blow over so you can just go back to working as usual? I doubt it. I seriously doubt it. Your debts are a lot heftier than mine and if Chronopay suddenly collapses, you’ll be finished financially. Or have you forgotten how you make money via Chronopay? Spyware, pharmaceuticals and cigarettes – high risk dealings. And where is it all being processed? In the CIS. You think bankers are going to cover up your operations when it all falls into the open? Think again. No one is going to risk their legal business to safeguard either of us.
This blog is about you and how it isn’t up to you to judge or execute me. You simply don’t have the right. So prepare to go down with me. We’ll probably share a cell.
You started off this ordeal and had a taste.
Now you’ve overcooked it and you’ll be the one consuming the results.
4. I knew you’d remember that remark regarding “thick folders”. That’s why I said it. I knew that sooner or later you’d find some reason to grab onto me and try to heal your bruised ego by starting up a crusade against me. Except you’re no crusader.
Now a few words about who exactly Mr. Engel is.
Engel, aka Igor Artimovich, is a spammer and developer of the Topol-M(ailer) spam system, owner of a large botnet and renowned DDoS enthusiast. He came on stage at the end of last year when he along with another renowned spammer (who eventually realized that he got shafted and vanished) organized a huge spectacle in order to split apart spamdot.biz and drag everyone over to his own forum at SpamPlanet.org. The performance was directed by the great and sinister RedEye. Everything was organized to look like a special op by the Russian FSB that closed down spamdot.biz. The domain redirected to the home page of FSB.RU for a couple of weeks due to a simple hack of the e-mail address it was registered to. As far as I know, the domain has been working as intended for some time since then now. Obviously enough, the FSB don’t play with domains like that: first redirecting to their site and then back to the forum not long afterwards. As a result, the plan was foiled and Engel was banished from spamdot.biz, called a lamer and left to oversee his barely breathing forum. But on top of renting out his Topol-M(ailer) spam software, Engel also deals in DDoS attacks. Nasty business. Floods a website’s channel with gigabytes of trash every second and causes a denial of service. Quite a handful! Pretty much an inescapable attack.
Well, I’ve got serious reasons to believe that the DDoS attacks of July 2010 on MultiKarta (VTB24 bank’s processing center) and Assist (a large processing company) were organized by Engel on orders from you-know-who, whose Chronopay was downed at the beginning of July. As a result, Assist lost Aeroflot who had been a long standing client, so the amount of damage these companies incurred isn’t hard to imagine. Aeroflot is currently in court with VTB24.
Engel is also quite close with Vrublevsky, often visiting his office and constantly keeping in touch. A steady organized syndicate is what I’d call this.