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FSB_CIB_Sereja is simply a real mine of information!
14 Ноября 2010 23:04
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As the online pharma has become the No. 1 for discussions among webmasters recently, new topics at various forums continue to appear. An interesting person with the nickname FSB_CIB_Sereja joined the topic titled Let's discuss pharma at Master-X.com:

You can blame me for being maniacally biased, but I'm practically sure that the nickname conceals Pavel Vrublevsky. Now I'm going to teach you how you can easily find out that a post belongs to him:
1. It must be a very long post. RedEye has always liked to write long posts on any question, where it is required to develop a discussion and shine with one's awareness. For some reason, he believes that the more is said or written the more competent it looks. Those who have had a pleasure of talking with Pavel on the phone had a chance to notice that out of the 60 minutes of conversation 57 represented Pavel's monolog.
2. His posts are always written in a didactical manner. It looks like a man possessing the supreme knowledge is sharing it with mere mortals. He is educating them and saving their lost ignorant souls.
3. The post must contain a number of 'competent' statements like "I'm far better aware of the information than you are". The more statements of this kind are addressed to the discussants the more reputable the post looks, believes Pavel. But usually, to be honest, those statements do not quite correspond to the reality and the facts.
4. In the posts, one can clearly observe the position of "I am the best and coolest all around here and you are all nothing". A party with views and opinions close to those of Pavel is certainly shown so goody-goody while others are all supposed to be rare freaks. And those statements are often supported with Pavel's own emotional appraisal only.
5. After another of such 'masterpieces', he begins an endless train of taking out quotations from his opponents and produces even more intricate discourses and builds crazy, as seen from the point of view of the common sense, conclusions and theories aimed at bringing the opponent over to his opinion. And when it turns out impossible due to the banal misrepresentation of the reality, he starts making personal remarks and insulting the disagreed ones.
I'm not going to analyze those posts, as it's just a waste of time. But I'll explain why they got me interested in general. The reason is the nickname of the author of those posts. Just to remind you: the nickname is FSB_CIB_Sereja. And a very interesting signature that person has:
"I like taking bribes and I'll take them from all of you!
Then I'll feel it's still too little for me, and I'll con you out again!"
Note: the two lines above represent a word-for-word translation of the Russian couplet rhymed in a way that makes them sound a little humorously.
Those who try to follow the story of "the world's and all Russia's spammer No. 1" must remember how it all began. On October 28, 2009 (a year ago), the first article titled FSB Closed Viagra Dealers appeared at Infox.ru (this story requires a far more detailed description, so I'll just mention it casually for now).
At that moment, the first thought that occurred to me was "Pavel has completely lost his mind if he is taking the FSB in vain when they are not in the case at all." But he proved that it hadn't been a complete loss of mind yet. The somersault that he turned today – that's the top limit of idiocy!
Sergei M. (Sereja is a diminutive from the name Sergei) is the head of the CIB division of the FSB. CIB stands for Center for Information Security ('bezopasnost' in Russian). One of the tasks of this division is catching cybercriminals. Pavel is losing his mind in his attempts to come into contact with Sergei, as he takes part in the investigation of the criminal case brought against Pavel's illegal banking activities dealing with the Fethard.biz online system (that's exactly the case shown in the intro to this blog). But not a single bloody thing comes out, and nobody takes money from Pavel.
Dear Pavel, I'm on my feet applauding you for your idiocy! Go on writing your jeers!