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Lets get acquainted: Pavel Vrublevsky, a.k.a. RedEye
12 Ноября 2010 05:19
Раздел: Блог   |  Русская версия
I should start by saying that RedEye is really a legendary person. There are no Russian adult webmasters more famous than he is.
For those who are not so well familiar with the stuff, I'd like to clear up the meaning of the word 'adult': it's a collective name for all porn sites that you can find in the Internet. Literally, 'adult' is a synonym for 'grown-up' but the meaning implied here is 'websites for grown-ups'.
Absolutely everyone in this get-together knows or at least has heard about RedEye. This is no exaggeration but a fact. If you have any doubts, just ask a few people dealing with online porn. Actually, we should really render him his due, as Pavel is a very gifted person and the way that he has gone through deserves respect and a more detailed description.
His career in adult content began in 1999. And it did begin in a big way: his first product was a paid porn site where visitors had to pay, using their credit cards, for viewing pictures (there was practically no videos at that time). The name of the site was Pornocruto.nu.
It represented a hodgepodge of everything that could be found at the time: from ordinary fucking to raping and zoophilia.
Frankly speaking, it was not an easy task at that time to make a paid site. The most complicated thing was to find a way to receive payments (the American company Ibill.com was the undeniable leader of that time). Providing content was a little bit easier. It came from foreign websites or was downloaded from news groups. Copyrights were not a problem then; the main task was to find pictures without any inscriptions. But, to be honest, one needed to have enough courage for that kind of thing and possess enviable patience. In one of his interviews, RedEye told about how they were sorting out pictures day after day, every day. That interview was given to no less than the Forbes Journal.
Pavel has always liked giving interviews. The resources below are more specific but there are a lot of interesting things there, too:
(This interview was given in 2003. Read all of it attentively and see how skillfully the man is building PR for himself and his projects. By the way, Pavel was only 24 then!)
Unfortunately, owning a paid site does not bring any money itself if the site is not visited or, using the slangy expression, if there is no traffic on it. That's why the real launchpad for RedEye, as well as for many others at that time, was found in the porn sites popularity rating systems, which everyone, using the common slang, called simply the Tops. The Tops represented ranked catalogs of links to various web pages with adult content, and the site position in such a catalog depended on the number of visitors that came from that site to the Top (it may seem a little complicated but you will see an example of a Top below and it's all very simple there). The main task for a site owner was to climb as high as possible in the Top catalog, as it brought more visitors to his site. So, the site owner had to redirect as many of his visitors as possible back to the Top, to have better positions in the ranking system. The basic tools for rising in the Top were countless consoles and pop-ups, as well as 'blind links' (when the link description is absolutely in no conformity with what it really leads to).
It wasn't Vrublevsky who invented the Top system. By the time he was starting his work, there were lots of various Tops already. But Pavel proved his extraordinariness by going another way, different from the beaten track used by a lot of people then: he started building and developing his own direction. Please don't think that I'm exaggerating or scoffing at something, as I'm absolutely serious in saying that RedEye chose one of the most difficult ways to climb to the very top. Back in 2000, Pavel had not yet made the final decision about what niche (the area and content of the porn action often referred to as sexual deviations) he was going to work in, and so he experimented with two topics: rape and zoo. There was no one but himself working seriously in those niches. And that was exactly the biggest difficulty: there was nobody to establish traffic exchange with. But no traffic means no sales.
Here's an example of one of Pavel's first rape Tops (of course, now it can be found in the Web Archive only):
Our hero was not at all upset about absence of sales at his paid site. RedEye did not get dejected and created a forum for adult webmasters named Crutop.nu (http://www.crutop.nu). And it would be no exaggeration to call Crutop a real landmark of the Russian adult content. Until about 2005, it had been the most authoritative forum for porn webmasters. Later, Crutop lost its positions from the professional point of view and yielded to Master-X.com and to other online forums and communities directed to some real work to a larger extent. But the power of Crutop was not in the knowledge or in any assistance rendered to beginners – to put it straight, beginners had no chance of getting acclimatized there. Crutop had always been characterized through its unutterable and inimitable atmosphere. It's really hard to find proper words to describe it, but it was a thermonuclear mixture of youth, jeering, black humor, and not giving a damn about any social guidelines. But it wasn't a forum for anarchists; it had always been a really CHEERFUL forum.
It's even hard to remember and count everything of what had gone through Crutop; people were literally living there! Of course, Vrublevsky must be given the credit for that atmosphere. I'm sure that Crutop is one of Pavel's favorite brainchildren, as he had contributed all his skills and efforts into its development. And one should remember that Pavel has always been very good at building PR for his projects as almost no one has. If there was a special award for the skill of holding long dialogs and putting on airs, Pavel would certainly be the winner.
With the birth of Crutop, the lives of paid sites and tops began to change drastically and very rapidly. They got lots of traffic and there came adwares for Pornocruto.nu. Adwares are the most numerous class among adult webmasters. The main task of an adware is to have his own free sites visited by a lot of people and to live on accommodating advertisements for paid sites. In other words, adwares have always been and still are like gold diggers, 'washing' visitors through their sites and hoping that those visitors get interested by the advertising, follow the links and buy access to the password protected sections of the advertiser sites. The adwares take their commissions from each buying.
At that time, among adult content community the standard adware commission amounted to 50% of each buying and monthly membership extension (rebill). To make it more visual, I'll give you an example: the price for site access was $40; the adware received 50% ($20) from every new member and another 50% ($20 again) every month unless the member decided not to extend his membership.
The real power and the financial cornucopia of a good paid site were built not by the sales but by the rebills! People could pay those $40 every month for a year or more to have access to their favorite content.
You should perfectly understand that even back in 2000 there was lots of porn in the Internet. Everyone had to find his own niche and establish good positions there. It had to be something outside the competition among Americans that were holding a grip on 95% of the adult content business. So it had to be something extreme, something on the verge of breaking the rules, so that the bros from across the ocean wouldn't have liked to deal with. For Pavel, rape became that kind of niche.
The partner program Cash.Pornocruto.nu designed by Pavel became the most famous rape partner program.
To be continued…