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Cash.Pornocruto.es: rises are often followed by falls
18 Ноября 2010 03:20
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Remember that pretty old song by Vakhtang Kikabidze*?
* A Georgian singer popular in the Soviet Union
"The liner has crossed the airfield like the destiny…"*
*Word-for-word translation of the song lyrics from Russian
Oh, I wish I could reproduce that southern accent… A good song, really true to life.
So, I've been thinking and racking my brains over about what other interesting things I could write about Pronocruto, but… alas and alack! There was only one thought: what a tremendous takeoff runway this partner program was for RedEye! It won’t certainly become his "landing strip", but on the other hand he could still be flying… He was in favor with everyone, respected and reputable, so why would he want to make a stab at other people's money? He felt inclination for all those Chronopays, Fethards, and other things of that sort. He longed for greatness. But greed never sleeps; it eats you up – first you delayed something here, then you were too busy there, and then comes "definitely on Monday"… And once you find yourself owing to a lot of people but they are all keeping silent. And the money, though not yours, are still with you. Every fraudster's dream, isn't it? But all those sorts of fraud always end in the same way – they end in crash.
Once the most famous and the most hyped up partner program of the Russian adult content, it represents just another fraud of Pavel's today. Debts, debts, and debts – if you want the present state of things described in three words. In August, PC's affiliates asked on Crutop.nu their timid questions about where their money for the month of May is (in August!). And remember that rape was known as an extreme kind of content to the adwares only, but the banks knew it as legal porn and Chronopay received money for transactions on a weekly basis. And there have been plenty of humble and soul touching explanations reading something like "Guys, we are the oldest rape partner program experiencing extreme difficulties in getting processed, but you should never stop believing in the bright tomorrow!" And the guys kept believing and kept giving their money to Vrublevsky. This is just a very graphic scheme of any of Pavel's frauds – lie here (to the affiliates), lie there (to the banks), and use the money the way you want to.
Actually, the entire Chronopay is involved in those games. This fascinating activity is called "cover your financial holes with other people's cash". And this is not the first year the guys have been perfecting their skills in it.
Some top managers have particularly succeeded in that game. Among them, we should mention Maxim Andreev (Chronopay CFO) and Julia Rokitskaya (Treasury Manager). Their private conversations about how they could close the gaping financial deficits of the world's whitest processing system would be very interesting to listen to at bedtime. Their clients must be sleeping so well, knowing that such great people are in charge of ensuring safety of their money.
Backup link:
Valitor – the old name for Visa Iceland, a big acquirer;
Alpair – the famous Forex broker;
Kabaenkovs – RX-Promotion.com;
MTS – cellphone operator
And meanwhile PC has collapsed. Their current ridiculous turnover cannot be called anything but remnants of the past luxury. But what could you count on with this kind of management?
Here is, my dear lovers of numbers and counting other people's incomes, the payroll of the affiliates for the first two weeks of April 2010, for PC and ETU CASH (as much as 1,085 dollars!):
(I guess it's clear why the beneficiary column shows 'xxxxxxx'.)
P.S.: There's only one thing I can't make clear for myself – why still keep Pornocruto and ETU CASH alive when the number of potential problems that may come from there is much bigger that the amount of money they can bring. Especially with such a strong anxiety about the reputation of a "clean" processing company. The answers coming to my mind lie beyond my understanding.