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15 Ноября 2010 04:19
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Let's go on talking about the most hyped up rape partner program.
If you noticed the domain extension, I wrote .es instead of the initial .nu. In October, 2006, the registrar of .nu domains (NuNames) cut off the Pornocruto.nu domain for violation of the terms, let's put it this way. The site and the partner program moved to the Pornocruto.es domain where they live up to this day. But, to be frank, that life is not so prosperous. Their main problem today is billing. No one wants to give a merchant (a special account allowing payments by credit cards) to a rape program. But I'm now anticipating things already, so let's go ahead step by step.
So, the period of 2000-2002 was the flourishing time for Pornocruto Cash (PC). The partner program consisted of 8 or 9 sites (frankly, I don’t remember exactly; experts will clear it up). All the sites dealt with rape, in one way or another. And as everywhere, the program was based on the 80/20 rule: 80% of the sales is provided by 20% of the sites. There were several aces, such as:
- Scream and Cream
I think this name is truly brilliant from the point of view of the English language. As far as I know, this was the most successful PC paid site. The domain was purchased in August, 2001 (Pavel was 21 and there were no well speaking English Americans in Russia). I don't know how he invented that name but it's really, really cool!
Another striking thing that Pavel implemented in S&C was FLASH! Again, remember the dates. The year 2000 and… flash! I don't quite remember how Pavel met Vasily, but the latter was one of the first in the Russian section of the Internet who worked with flash and created his little miracles with it.
- Bad Tales and Violent Comix
The content for these sites were designed by the famous American BDSM artist, Gary Roberts by name. His biography can be found here:
Understanding the attractiveness of comics is quite difficult for Russians, but Americans have always been mad about them. This kind of well developed subculture for comics can't be observed anywhere else, it exists only in the USA. Creating such websites without deep understanding and without being fond of comics, along with reaching an agreement with an American artist and getting new material from him on a regular basis – isn't that cool? Frankly, it's extremely cool!
There were some other sites, too. But it's difficult for me to say anything about them. They, instead, offered stage production content with real people, not pictures. Of course, all the material was shot by the models' consent. No real rapes took place.
At that time, all the sites were working on the basis of the biggest adult billing system Ibill.com. According to some certain data, it processed about 35-40 million porn dollars a month. This amount is VERY big for 2001-2002 (for today, it would be some 200 million). Ibill used to process the major part of the American adult sites.
Such factors as: the unique sites with rare and extreme content, availability of a stable and transparent billing solution, growing popularity of the Crutop forum, and RedEye's skill to build PR for himself and his projects – all that taken together made PC the biggest adult partner program among Russian webmasters. The turnover was about 170-200 thousand dollars a month. In 2001-2002! Just try to remember what could be bought for this kind of money at that time, and you will feel the scale of it!
Black clouds began gathering over PC at the end of 2002 when Ibill refused to continue processing operations for Vrublevsky's sites. To preserve the original information, you can read it directly in RedEye's posts:
So they started knocking about the world, i. e. about small billing systems which could hardly cope with PC's turnover. Every time the billing was changed something was got inevitably 'hanged' and 'lost', which means Pavel was getting into trouble losing money each time.
But it wouldn't have been Pavel if he had let the chance decide. An idea, as simple as brilliant, comes to his mind: if I have problems with other billing systems, I need to establish one of my own!
Owing to this very reason, we met at the end of 2002. At that time, I already had a very small billing system of my own, as well as some software and experience in that field, while Pavel was sorely in need of a stable solution and still had a lot of plans.
One should understand that RedEye was a legend for that time. A man with crystal clean reputation whose words never separated from his deeds. Speaking as frankly as possible, I can say I just couldn't resist all those grandiose opportunities and prospects promised by the new super-mega billing company where, to say even more, adult content was not going to be considered the first priority. By that time, I already felt sick and tired of adult content and wanted something completely different from it.
That's how the idea of Chronopay was born. By the way, I'll open you a secret of why the main office was registered in the Netherlands. Rape is legal in that country and there is Huns Burger's dutchbilling.com – the system that had already been working, i. e. they already had a well developed banking infrastructure for credit card payments. Another variant was Denmark, but at that time foreigners were not allowed to establish business of their own there. Besides, Ronnie Beernaert also lived in Holland and was one of the middling PC adwares, and Pavel convinced him to become general manager of CHRONOPAY B.V.
In about 8 or 9 months, PC got their accounts processed by Chronopay.

So that was the story of yesterday. Now let's talk about today.
Today, PC feels really unwell. Nobody wants to process rape content, even after all the paid sites were renamed and got rid of the word 'rape' and after the attempts to reduce the content of all the sites to 'fantasy domination' or BDSM.
So what are RedEye and his great gang doing? They start blatantly swindling the banks by setting up rape processing for that of ordinary porn websites. There is the Department for Special Projects or Pron (anagram from porn) in the Chronopay Company. The department is headed by the person with the nickname of Simon; his real name is Alexander Alushin. Here's a tip-off for the PC adwares who are getting ignored at Crutop: you can write to him directly at the corporate e-mail of the world's best billing company: a.alushin@chronopay.com.
So where exactly is that blatant swindle?
Click the buy access button and see what site name will be indicated in the payment form at StandardPay (Chronopay mirror for adult content):
is given by RaveGloryHole.com
is given by QuickieFuck.com
is given by Teen-Shop.com
is given by Creaminteen.com
Believe me this is the most innocent prank by the Dream Team of our e-commerce.
By the way, here's another secret for you: where does the name StandartPay come from and why are ships all around there? The correct pronunciation of the name is 'ShtandartPay', not 'StandardPay'. And Shtandart was the name of the first ship of the Baltic Fleet established under the decree by Peter the Great. And Pavel has always been restless in his wish to feel his own greatness. But there's going to be a separate talk about those little Napoleon features of my vis-à-vis.
To top it off, you can see PC's turnover as of the middle of 2009. Next time we'll talk about 2010. It's already too bad there. But just don’t forget to think about the real websites instead of the reported ones. I wrote above what replaces what.