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Alpari is a client of Chronopay. Chronopay loves its clients and values them highly.
21 Ноября 2010 05:31
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Judging by the comments, you, my dear readers – that's not a particular secret – would like to know more specific and interesting details, something really "hot" about what's going on inside Vrublesky's company. Well, I've got some for you. In addition to the conversation between Maxim Andreev and Julia Rokitskaya introduced in the previous article, our today's topic for a detailed discussion is Alpari.
Alpari is one of the most famous FOREX brokers in the Russian section of the Internet. The company is on the market for 11 years and, according to the data available in the Internet, belongs to Top 5 among the currently active forex internet traders today. Well, it seems quite logical that a company, being a leader in the Forex market, decided to cooperate with a company which is a leader in processing (I'm certainly speaking of my favorite CHRONOPAY B.V.). It really is logical. But for the bad luck of Alpari, the reality is so far away from the publicity slogans of Chronopay. The only leader-like thing that Chronopay has is exorbitant ambitions.
So, what is FOREX and why did Alpari need Chronopay? Initially, FOREX is an abbreviation from the English FOReign EXchange – currency exchange, i. e. an interbank market for selling and buying currencies at free quotations. To put it even simpler, it's a place where banks exchange their currencies which they need for their activities. This is a huge market with the DAILY turnover, according to some estimations, of 4 thousand billion dollars! In Russia, Forex got another meaning. For us it means speculative currency trading via dealing centers, using loan facilities, or in other words, marginal currency trading.
Today, the Internet and offline as well are full of advertisements like "Start earning! Work for yourself! Play at FOREX! Free seminars and trainings!" There are an enormous number of such ads, as the companies operating with Forex are really in need of new blood circulation. Some of the companies have even managed to worm themselves to TV – one of the best-known examples is sponsorship for the What? Where? When? quiz show. I don’t want to dramatize this situation but one should realize that money don't come from the nowhere, which means that if there is someone who gains, there is certainly someone who loses. I don't possess any accurate stats but I believe that only 5% of the beginners are able to make some kind of success in the Forex market. The remaining 95% have to blow up and lose their money sooner or later (and "sooner" occurs more often). Being a successful dealer is a hard and laborious work requiring some qualities which are difficult to develop by just reading the book "Introduction to Technical Analysis" and attending a few seminars. I can safely say those things, being a Moscow Financial Academy graduate specializing in securities market and stock exchange.
The term 'FOREX', such is the custom and we may call it our national peculiarity, is often associated with the term 'kitchen'. So what is 'Forex Kitchen'? 'Kitchen' represents the situation when not a single client request is brought into the interbank market. The operator company gains profits on the losses of its clients. And if somebody starts winning, the 'kitchen' is most often closed while the operator keeps the clients' money and then opens a new 'kitchen' with a new name. So it's a real bunco and fraud.
Today, all the big dealing centers and traders, including Alpari, DO NOT use that plan. It's quite probable that several years ago the 'kitchen' scheme had been applied, at least partially. So I'm not going to insist as I hadn't been the one to witness that but I still find it quite possible. But today, companies like Alpari earn their money by means of taking commissions from their clients for effecting their trades in the Forex market. This kind of business is quite good and fair.
As you understand, to be able to trade something, first of all, you need to have that 'something' on your account. In plain English, you must have money on it. The task of any trader company is to widen the clients' ways for paying in to their accounts to the maximum. The major part of those deposits is made through branch offices of the trader companies or by means of bank transfers, but we should never forget about credit cards.
And here comes a problem. In fact, the regulations of the VISA and MasterCard systems provide for a strict and clear ban on accepting those cards for money purchase operations. You cannot buy 100 dollars and pay with your VISA card at a bank or dealing center. You just can't do it and that's it! Of course, there are some quite legal ways to dodge that ban, but still the companies operating with money and willing to accept credit cards for replenishing their accounts are considered to belong to the 'high risk' category.
And who is our leader in high risks? Right, it's that goody-goody Chronopay. Believe me, FOREX is the very most inoffensive high risk that Chronopay deals with. Frankly speaking, if there were no that kind of ban provided by the IPS (International Payment Systems), companies like Alpari would never have a single problem in processing. But the ban exists, and the Alpari executives decided to collaborate with Chronopay. And of course, the Chronopay managers promised them lots of "sweet" things, and the trick worked. J
But the reality was that Chronopay owed over 1 million dollars to Alpari. And all that through the faults of Chronopay only. The smart managers from the "dream team" thrust Alpari's transactions together with their other clients into one and the same contract (read 'merchant account') at Valitor (Visa Iceland). It must be clearly seen that processing of several clients under one contract is a pure aggregation, which is a severe violation of the IPS rules. MasterCard provides for a penalty of $2,500 for each day when this kind of processing is observed. But "luckily" for Chronopay, the maximum penalty for aggregation cannot exceed 500,000 dollars a year. It just can't be more. But it can exceed the figure for the next year, as the rule is applicable from the first till the last day when that violation is proved to take place. Speaking the formal language, this is a violation of Article of the Member Service Provider Rules. By the way, here's a small gift for those dealing with processing – the complete MasterCard rules. It had been rather difficult to find them before, but now it's become easier. Read them through, so you will know at least what you get penalized for. By the way, the favorite thing of MasterCard is penalties for BRAM (Business Risk Assessment & Migration), but there'll be some other time for that topic.
And now, the "hot" things that I promised. Here's the conversation between Maxim Adreev (I'll remind you that he is the CFO at Chronopay) and Eldar Timoshin from Alpari. It's funny to listen to how a top manager of a processing company, being in his right mind and following his own free will, is setting his company up to penalties for aggregation. J
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Dear Alpari Company, please change that default hold tone of your phones. It's really unbearable listening to that plaintive old junk. It's the year 2010 on the calendar, if you can see… J
And now listen to the conversation from the previous topic once again, where Maxim and Julia are deciding whether to pay Alpari or not. That conversation is dated May 26, 2010. And Maxim, when talking to Eldar, moved the money arrival date as far as to June 15.
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In principle, there's nothing here for me to comment on. That's the way Chronopay has been working before and is still working today. Most probably, they'll keep on working that way tomorrow, too. Generally, the employees are not guilty of it. This kind of business behavior has been dictated from above by the outstanding general manager. Trust me, the information I have makes me believe that Maxim Andreev is an excellent, highly skilled specialist who makes everything he can to save his company and the one who has to be responsible for the mistakes made by his boss.
Maxim, here's my good advice for you: take yourself off from that nest of vipers until it's too late. Specialists like you are always needed by a lot of companies. Look at Ivan Glazachev who left for Russian Standard and he definitely feels no regrets about it. But you should be ready for the fact that, for all your great services rendered for the company, Pavel will certainly fling lots of mud at you if you leave.
And in conclusion, a funny Alpari advertisement about the 'kitchen':