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9/12 or Act of Terrorism of September 12. Part 2
02 Декабря 2010 04:56
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The first part of the Fethard.biz topic can be found here:
So, how did Pavel contrive to make "friends" with those 500 meters of creditors?
I can hardly answer this question straight away, so I'll continue from where I stopped.
At the end of 2002, the Fethard.biz founders concluded an agreement with RedEye about advertising support for their service at his Crutop.nu forum.
In the beginning, Vrublevsky didn't break into the topics related to Fethard activities that much – at most, he provided his supposedly "independent" opinion saying that the guys are doing everything quite well, except for a couple of small BUTS. The time was passing by and the hours spent by the fellows from Vladivostok in discussions with Pavel came to hundreds. And probably, they started to feel that Pavel was a serious man and they could pass on to a new level of their business relations. I had gone through that myself. I've never met anyone who could be that sort of an unstoppable chatterbox on the phone the way Pavel could.
By the end of 2003, RedEye was already an official partner of the Fethard.biz system. No doubts, the news published at Crutop led Fethard to a new level, both for the number of clients and for the turnover. Don't forget that, before 2007, Vrublevsky's public rating among the community of adult content webmasters used to exceed all the limits – he was one of the most famous and reputable webmasters.
There was a funny and illustrative story related to the advent of new clients. At first, the majority of the Fethard clients were carders (people steeling money from credit cards). They received stolen money from billing companies (companies processing credit cards) to the bank accounts that Fethard.biz system hired out to the users. On default, all the new user accounts were given the rating value of 1. Ratings of 2 or 3 gave the users considerable advantages: more bank accounts and less questions when withdrawing money from the system. Why did they need more bank accounts? Billing companies understood quite quickly what sort of money was transferred to the bank accounts of the companies belonging to the Fethard.biz system. All those companies were placed in blacklists and no money was transferred to their bank accounts. Rating values of 2 or 3 gave the users access to new bank accounts that were still out of the blacklists, so they were still able to receive money there. Carders used all the possible methods to "improve" the status of their accounts within the Fethard.biz system to gain access to new, "white" bank accounts.
In the middle of 2003, to the biggest and best-known carders forum Carderplanet.com (yes, that forum belonged to that Dmitry Golubov, a.k.a. script, whom I mentioned in the first part of this story) came a man offering everyone to buy Fethard.biz system user accounts with rating values of 2 and 3. At first, carders didn't quite believe in such a possibility, but after some time the seller managed to prove he was serious, and so his offer was in one of the highest demand. See my explanation above for the reason why it was that way. But just in case, once again: new bank accounts details for wire transfers, not spotted yet, to receive stolen money to – that was the main reason why carders were so much interested in such accounts.
And so, it is known for a certainty that the owners of the Fethard.biz system themselves organized the user accounts sales. By the moment RedEye officially declared his participation in the project, all the money kept on those carders' accounts had been "frozen" or, using the plain language, stolen. It's hard to judge about how ethical it is to steel money that had been already stolen from other people, but the "operation" was based on a wicked intent from the beginning. For that kind of "tricks", Fethard was inflicted a severe DDoS (when a server is attacked in the way leading to its inaccessibility), spam campaigns with advertisements like "I'm selling a warhead and a GRAD system", and other sorts of cyber hooliganism arranged by the buncoed carders. Of course, no one received his money back but the guys let themselves go a little.
Those pranks didn't cause any serious damage to the system, and Fethard.biz had been growing in leaps and bounds for the next few years. Among all the financial services in the market at that time, Fethard was the biggest, the most reputable and the most hyped up one. Giving credit to them, Fethard "outlived" a lot of other similar systems, such as Yambo (reading this word back to front, replacing the letter Y with the Russian letter Н, which is located on the same key in the Cyrillic layout, gives the Russian word equivalent to "deception" or "fraud"), CapitalCollect, Ecuator.biz – all of them "buncoed" their clients and disappeared. As a preliminary summary, it can be said that the period of 2003-2007 was the "golden age" of the Fethard.biz system.
At his forum, Vrublevsky mentioned more than once that in 2007 he had bought out the founders' share and the guys from Vladivostok were not in the business any longer. I don't know exactly all the details of the story, as I left Pavel's office at the end of 2003 and all our contacts terminated in the middle of 2004. But I guess the guys just got more than sick and tired of talking with Pavel on the phone. :)
Looking back at my experience of our partnership in Chronopay, I suppose that, most likely, there was another skilful "scheme" of replacing partners with the funds provided by a new one. Actually, it's not very important. What IS important is WHO became Vrublevsky's new partner.
Pavel was strutting around like a turkeycock and used every opportunity to boast about getting such a wonderful bigwig as his new partner. He dinned into the ears of everyone he knew that he was going to acquire some powerful connections in Russian Government in the near future. Maybe, he was just clever enough not to write about it at Crutop. I guess he was already thinking about his daily morning route from Rublevka to 4 Staraya Square (it's the address of the President's Administration building, with the entrance from Ilyinka Street). His new partner's name was Mikhail Zhilenkov. He is the husband of Maria Okulova, the granddaughter of the first president of Russia, Boris Yeltsin.
How do you find that? Upon finishing those last few sentences, I myself got astonished by the number of capital letters there. FAMILY. And with the very meaning that we used to imply when saying that word at the end of the 90s, at the times of Berezovsky, Tatyana Dyachenko and Yumashev (those who "overslept" the newest history of Russia may read something about Yeltsin's second term of presidency and the Seven Bankers story)!
And everything would be just perfect if Mr. Zhilenkov was not one hundred per cent of a businessman with a powerful administrative resource behind him. And hours of telephone conversations with Vrublevsky didn't produce any effect upon him. There were only two things he saw in Fethard.biz:
- pretty large amounts of the turnover money;
- total unlawfulness of the system as such.
If I had been Pavel, I would've at least tried to check my new partner. It wouldn't have been difficult to do, without even leaving the comfort of your own home (Google search request: Zhilenkov RostInvest – if spelled in Russian, the search results give plenty of information). Those search results also mention the building, so much talked-about, at a two-minute walking distance from the Kremlin where Fethard office moved in and where they conducted a "search" later.
But ambitions were the weakest point of my former partner. The eventual proximity to the supreme power befogged Pavel's mind and everything happened just the way it had to – Zhilenkov, on the sly, took control of all the day-to-day management of the Fethard.biz system (meaning he gained access to the bank accounts using Internet banking) and relocated the company's staff to that very building, so close to the Kremlin. Frankly, I would be really bothered by the fact that somebody led my employees away to another office and gained access to bank accounts of the system. But this is me, and that was Pavel. It was more important for him to come to the office every day and talk on the phone for 4 or 5 hours, pulling the wool over somebody else's eyes and showing off at his best.
Whatever RedEye tries to say in the future, it was he who blew the system and the clients' money with his absolute inactivity in relation to the day-to-day management.
As a result, on September 12, 2007, the most famous topic about the Fethard.biz system appeared at Crutop:
"Fethard Support – temporary troubles"
Commented 3,295 times and 440,000 times viewed. With no exaggeration, that was the most popular topic in the entire history of the Crutop.nu forum.
09/12/07 is the date memorable to more than 4 thousand clients of the Fethard system.
09/12/07 is the date of the act of financial "terrorism" against the entire online community.
To be continued…