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9/12 or Act of Terrorism of September 12. Part 1
29 Ноября 2010 04:52
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I'm inviting you to listen to the following record as an epigraph for that highly delicate topic of Fethard.biz.
I'd like to remind you what is the usual definition of the term 'epigraph': "a quotation at the beginning of a book or its chapter, intended to suggest its spirit, its theme, author's attitude, etc.":
As they say in America, there is lie, there is barefaced lie, and there are statistics. So let's talk about the latter. I took the latest topic about Fethard and did some calculations:
That topic is over 4 months old, and RedEye has made 47 comments in it. The monthly breakdown reads as follows:
07/16 – 07/31: 10 comments;
08/01 – 08/31: 21 comments;
09/01 – 09/30: 1 comment;
10/01 – 10/31: 6 comments;
11/01 – 11/23: none;
11/23 – 11/28: 9 comments.
Such a big number of comments in the first 6 weeks is caused by the necessity to humbug the webmasters that the Fethard.biz website had been inaccessible just because of the administrators' inadvertence, but not due to the fact that the Chronopay Company's servers were hacked in early June this year. And indeed, how can such a white and wonderful company as Chronopay be associated with the illegal Fethard.biz online payment system owing millions of dollars to its clients? Certainly, they are not related to each other – and in particular, if we consider the fact that the Criminal Case No. 299246 on the illegal banking activities instituted against Vrublevsky has been reopened and the investigation is now in full swing.
In the course of the three-year history of Fethard, the webmasters had already got used to lies and frauds. So they grumbled a little and lamented over the disabled site, and then just shrugged it off and gave it up as hopeless. Really, why ask questions if no honest answers are ever expected?
So what were the things that attracted my attention and why did I need all those statistics? In fact, I found it pretty funny that within the period of 5 days in late November Pavel had suddenly brisked up his activities about Fethard. As the saying goes, the cat knows whose cream it has eaten.
The answer is actually very simple – this blog is the reason.
Do you remember what happened after my post about the Cash.Pornocruto debts?
Right on the same day, Simon reported at Crutop with a lot of pep: "The summer debts have been paid out with our own hard-earned money. Long live PC!"
To be honest, I'm so glad for the webmasters who finally got their money. But dear gentlemen of the Vrublevsky Team, can't you see you are unmasking yourselves?! And that's a tough unmasking! O'K, I'm not going to gloat over that fact. Let's think it's just a "coincidence".
Well, Pavel perfectly understands that Fethard is one of the most hyped up subjects in which he looks extremely disadvantageously. It represents a situation where Vrublevsky has been showing his true self in the course of the three odd years. In other words, it's an extremely burning question for him, as there have been too many lies told, too many hollow promises given, and too much money stolen.
As I have already said a lot of times, RedEye is a clever and crafty opponent. His strong feature is his skill to talk nonstop and to gradually persuade his opponents into agreeing with his own point of view. Understanding that this blog is going to reveal lots of information that he would like to keep secret, and, in particular, the situation about Fethard, Pavel is now trying again to sweet-talk the webmasters and to present his own story where he certainly performed as a hero. I don't know why he needs it, as only idiots may still believe in Fethard recovery and debts return, but it seems he still needs it for some reason. In case Pavel decides to fork out something to return at least some of the debts, I will assume that I'm not writing this blog in vain. So prepare your dough, Mr. Vrublevsky. J
Well, here's some history and information about what Fethard.biz actually is. It's an online payment system positioned as some sort of a "virtual" bank. Every client had his own internal account used for wire transfer sending/receiving, for e-currencies (WebMoney, ePassporte) sending/receiving/exchange, for Western Union transfers, and there was also the possibility of ordering and receiving an anonymous card for cash withdrawal at ATMs.
That's what Fethard used to look like. The list of their principle services can be seen right at the main page:
And that's the way it looks today (as for me, I really like the safe inside the login field):
The main advantage of Fethard.biz was ANONYMITY. And who needs anonymity in the Internet? Right, underground and criminal elements do. When the system was just born in April 2002, its main clients were carders. Carders are people whose profession is steeling money from other people's credit cards. The stolen money has to arrive somewhere and it is desirable that the real recipient's name would be hard to reveal. The Fethard system was ideal for that. The scheme was quite simple: the service owners bought several offshore companies with settlement accounts somewhere in the Baltics, and the bank details of those companies were "hired out" to the system clients. The latter could give those bank details to their counterparties and asked them to transfer money right to those accounts at the specified banks. For incoming payments identification, the clients should fill the Purpose of Payment field with "for future credit account F12345" where "F12345" was the internal account number inside the Fethard.biz system. So, everything was clear and simple even for schoolchildren without any experience in banking.
The earnings of the Fethard.biz system were made up of the commissions for "banking" transactions. Account entries and internal payments were free of charge but clients had to pay commissions for any withdrawals from the system. The commissions were not huge but they were not too small either.
For justice' sake, I would say that not the Fethard owners were the ones who invented that kind of scheme. They decided to establish that service after having worked in another mickey-mouse outfit called Bis Corp for a rather long time. Those guys had also been "well notorious" for laundering money that was clearly seen as criminal. In the same year of 2002, I met two founders of that system from Vladivostok who proposed cooperation in hyping the system up. But I refused, as the topics had been really daffy.
Still being desperate, the guys were not idiots. Regardless of the fact that Carderplanet.com* was at its popularity peak, the Fethard guys clearly saw that they couldn't get very far with carders only and that the system needed some "whiter" clients.
* (We'll meet the founder of the most famous carders' forum who then became RedEye's teammate in all that mass media hullabaloo dedicated to the fight against me, Mr. Dmitry Golubov, a.k.a. script, later. For now, here's some reference information about him:
Adult content webmasters were those "white" clients. As a matter of fact, the system owners found a perfect niche. Though adult content is illegal in Russia (Criminal Code Article 242 – illegitimate distribution of pornographic content), in all the rest of the world it's an absolutely legal kind of business. Maybe, not quite ethical but legal. The adult industry annual turnovers amount to billions of dollars. And there were quite a few young Russians who were already working in the field of online porn at that time. Their average age was about 20-25. You should see for yourselves: a young guy earns money on porn, knowing perfectly well that the Russian law provides a criminal clause for that, so he is just afraid to receive that money with his own name. But instead of going somewhere and finding specialists who could consult them on how they could legalize the process by opening a company and a relevant account abroad, people chose the easiest way – they opened "virtual" accounts in the Fethard system where they didn't have to submit any documents at all: the registration form could be filled with absolutely fake data but everything would still work with no problems. But, as everyone knows, the easiest way is not always the right one. And that's exactly what they all had to pay for.
ANONYMITY was the tempting bait that a very big number of Fethard clients had fallen for. But the ANONYMITY, at the same time, served the opportunity to bunco all of them so easily in 2007. I'd like to mention that people of various professions and occupations became victims of that bunco – hosters and partner programs without any connection with porn, foreign currencies exchangers, online shops receiving Fethard as payments, designer and programmers, and other sorts of freelancers: there were thousands of people. Around 4 thousand, to be more concrete!
Imagine for a second what 4 thousand people really look like. A street car or a public bus can accommodate some 150 passengers in average. 4 thousand make 26 buses with people who are owed money. If we put those buses in a line, we'd get a column of about 500 meters. 500 meters of creditors!!! Not bad, right? That's the scale of Pavel Vrublevsky! And all those 500 meters of creditors have been "swallowing" his excuses about his obligations fulfillment for more than 3 years.
To be continued…